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Magi-Ring Blade Master (Fighter Sub Class)

A mouthful to say, but intriguing to use, the Ring Blade Master (for short) is based on the Soul Calibur games’ character named Tira. By studying her moveset, we were able to make a Fighter Archetype that follows a similar attack style.   We should note that all depictions and likeness to Tira belong to… Continue reading Magi-Ring Blade Master (Fighter Sub Class)

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Race Conversion (Pathfinder to 5e)

While the document will give most of the introduction necessary, I will state that this short project was done with the intention to bring over some of the more intriguing races to 5e — in some cases, requiring simplification. As always, we love to receive your feedback and suggestions! All content belongs to Paizo, and… Continue reading Race Conversion (Pathfinder to 5e)

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Class Rework: Dragon Shaman Conversion

This reworks the Dragon Shaman which was an amazing class in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 However, that sense of power and awe didn’t translate well over to The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, where the Dragon Shaman is an under-powered archetype. Solution? Conversion! I have taken the original Dragon Shaman from 3.5 and converted over the terms… Continue reading Class Rework: Dragon Shaman Conversion

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Custom Class: Clockwork Engineer (Tinker Re-Visited)

Developed for ‘The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’ system, the Clockwork Engineer utilizes automatons to do his bidding and fight for him. Developed as a custom class for a friend. The original Tinker class, by 3rd party Interjection Games, can be found here. Alternatively, you can purchase their entire PDF with expanded information here. Their product features:… Continue reading Custom Class: Clockwork Engineer (Tinker Re-Visited)