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Arcane Puppeteer (Warlock Patron)

Inspired by this image from a game called Legend of the Cryptids, I really wanted to develop some form of class that controls enemies like marionettes with tendrils of arcane energy. The struggle became when decided which class to make it a subclass of, since I always feel 5e is lacking in regards to class… Continue reading Arcane Puppeteer (Warlock Patron)

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Custom Class: Clockwork Engineer (Tinker Re-Visited)

Developed for ‘The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’ system, the Clockwork Engineer utilizes automatons to do his bidding and fight for him. Developed as a custom class for a friend. The original Tinker class, by 3rd party Interjection Games, can be found here. Alternatively, you can purchase their entire PDF with expanded information here. Their product features:… Continue reading Custom Class: Clockwork Engineer (Tinker Re-Visited)