About The Siren

As of 2018, Rachel Paige (aka Synren) has been playing and DMing ‘The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’ and ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ for nearly 10 years. She began designing games and converting documents in early 2016 as an attempt to re-create the fantasy world from one of her in-planning novels. Her friends and gaming partners contributed their ideas and concepts into the world, and later became play testers in multiple expansive campaigns that set to explore different areas until it became the vast world that is in development today.

She first discovered RPG Maker in high school, and began to teach herself. These were the early days of YouTube, so there were no video tutorials yet to follow. She created a simple 10-15 minute game to compile what she learned. She fiddled around with the different versions over the years, but never felt serious about making a game until 2015. However, finding that game development is no small feat alone, she took a break through 2016-2017, and began again in early 2018 with RPG Maker MV and joint development with Rarely Productive Games.