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The Valkyrie (Playtest Class)

Developed for use in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, the Valkyrie is a full homebrew class, partially tested (with choice of 2 sub-classes, or archetypes).

This is a re-write of the very unbalanced Homebrew class found here in an attempt to balance out the issues of an intriguing class concept. I take no credit for the original design, only the rework/balancing (which is still in progress as new feedback comes in).

If anyone reads and/or play-tests the class, I would love their feedback on how to adjust the class further.

The Valkyrie Custom Class

2 thoughts on “The Valkyrie (Playtest Class)

  1. I apologize that this criticism isn’t very well organized. There was a lot to get through.

    So I was interested in this because I’m making a homebrewed Pegasus Knight class, and with this getting flight so early on it seemed like it might have some overlap.

    But this class breaks so many of the usual conventions that it’s difficult to actually compare it. Why does the class get so many pseudo-Fighting Styles when Fighting Styles already encapsulate a lot of what’s going on here? What even is the spell save DC? Why is the spell save DC suddenly ignored for Honored Maiden of the Shield? What’s with giving +2s on Insight and Survival, and then giving advantage on Perception *in the same feature?* 5e doesn’t even do static bonuses to skill checks.

    Why is Tears of Light so bad at healing when any 1st-level Paladin can already do better with Cure Wounds? What’s up with half of the features assuming a certain weapon loadout? What’s the point of the starting equipment when you magically get super-special weapons anyways? Why give Extra Attack X2 when you also get automatic +2 gear and Raven Swarm at a similar level? How long does the Bow of the Sky’s attack penalty last, assuming that’s how it works? Why were the Forged From Heaven weapons not further detailed in how they worked? Why are spears so shafted? Only lances get disadvantage at close range. What’s the point of Spear giving increased Spell Save DC when this class DOESN’T GET SPELLS.

    Why are so many features given at the same level as Ability Score Increases and Subclass features? Why are the 19th and 20th level features so broken? What’s up with the subclass tables listing the abilities as 13th level when everything else lists them at 14th level?

    Why is Maiden of War just a better Barbarian after 8th level? Why is Valor even at 8th level, everything else says that feature should be at 9th.

    This homebrew purports to be a more balanced version of the dandwiki one, but. It’s still not doing a very good job of it; many of the laws with the original version are still present, and it also introduces several new ones. This homebrew suffers from feature bloat, lack of focus, and lack of consistency with 5e’s design.

    Is it at least better than the dandwiki one? Arguably, but… With dandwiki’s reputation, the fact that it’s at all arguable is not a point in your favor.


    1. Thank you for your feedback! It’s extremely valuable.

      Honestly, I had forgotten completely about this homebrew attempt, but it did come to consensus a couple years ago among my group that it needed A LOT more work. As none of us were overly invested, we eventually we decided to just drop it completely. So I can’t argue against any of the points you’ve made; it definitely wasn’t done well from my part.

      I feel like I know how to balance a bit better now, but typically I only do tweaks to classes, not full-on homebrew classes.

      If we ever pick it back up again to try to properly balance, we will definitely take all your criticism and concerns into consideration.

      Thank you ever so much again for taking the time to type out your thoughts, I truly appreciate the effort and consideration you put into the analysis.



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