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Race Conversion: Faen

When I played Arcana Evolved, I adored a race called the Faen. They’re somewhat like a cross between and elf and a halfling. They genuinely believe they are the recipients of divine revelation and are constantly ‘discovering’ new Gods — as a player mechanic, this has been a hilariously fun roleplaying experience. Eventually, they have the option of turning into  a small spryte.

I wanted to bring the race over to The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system in order to play a Druid in a friend’s campaign. I spent a couple hours converting and ensuring the race was ready for play.

Note: I do not own or claim any of the Arcana Evolved’s Faen race. It was created by Monte Cook, and he/they retain all rights. Please support them by purchasing the official book: Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved.


Download my conversion PDF here: Faen Conversion
*Contains only the Quickling and Spryte — Loresong Faen are discluded from this file.


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